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Origin:  Melbourne, Australia

Genres: Melancholic//Alternative Metal

Years Active:  2017- Present

Label:  Independent

With a unique brand of 'melancholic metal', firmly established in their 2019 release In the Absence of Light, alt. metallers SVCRED have quickly become a regular fixture of the Melbourne heavy scene, and have seen steady growth in their fanbase accompanied by constant airplay from community radio stations across the country ever since their 2017 debut. The band's biggest show to date came in June of 2019 when they opened for international stars HED PE & Nonpoint at Max Watts House of Music. They are currently pushing ever forward and are preparing to enter the studio to being recording their next release.


Vocals: James Hair

Lead Guitar: Christopher "Twitchy" Royna

Rhythm Guitar: Christopher Di Carlo


Drums: Joshua Scott



"Combining groove-oriented riffage, gothic ambience, progressive song-structures and introspective lyricism, SVCRED have crafted an EP that is both engaging as well as indicative of a promising future for the collective members of this luminous project."

- Overdrive Music Magazine -

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